Yearly Archives: 2000

De villes en déserts: Alain Chagnon’s Recent Road Work (2000)

In June of 1998, fifty-year-old Quebec photographer Alain Chagnon undertook a journey. As a man and as a photographer, he was propelled in flight from the “here” of home in search of what must be found away and somewhere else. From this particular corner of the continent, he set out west and south to roam and photograph in Kansas and eight other of the much-travelled and -photographed southwestern United States, including Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and California.

Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal 1999 (2000)

While VOX has long been associated with the socially grounded photographic work of documentary, they have adopted for this occasion a more inclusive sense of documentary’s mis­ sion and its means. Instead of just the prosaic tone of “straight” photography, we have more lyricism, fiction, uncer­tainty, speculation and aestheticism.