Yearly Archives: 2007

Imagined Geographies: Artists and Maps (2007)

In this panel presentation, scholar Robert Graham reviews ways in which artists have used maps or map-making strategies as icons, as survey, or joined with time to render the human geography of place and pathway; sound artist Kathy Kennedy discusses artists’ use of the web as a repository for kinds of mappings that hold sonic information and artist, scientist and inventor Juan Geuer, whose work appears in Conceptual Cartographies, discusses differentials in the art and science of mapping.

Animal/Vegetable/Mineral: Michel Campeau’s Acts of Succession (2007)

Michel Campeau’s “Territoires” are fields where natural history meets the mythopoetic; where states of material being show their symbolic decay and transmutations; and where the resultant mutations point to renewal. Natural history is the temporal account of change in our physical environment. The constancy of nature (the laws of conservation of energy /matter) suggests that all change is a question of the interaction, transformation, and succession between states. At the chemical level, each of the states of matter can transmute into, and be relayed to, another. Chemistry can track the interaction, turns of succession, and replacement between the states of material being.