Yearly Archives: 1984

Reflections: Contemporary Art Since 1964 at the National Gallery of Canada (1984)

The exhibition of collections differs from other ex­hibitions in that rather than being organized by unities of origin — individuals, schools, periods, nations, etc. — a collection forms a group of works defined by their destination : the location of their arrival and reception. Collections of contemporary art differ, again, from those of past art by reason of the coextensivity of cre­ation and receipt.

Ceci Tuera Cela: The Fate of a Notion (1984)

It occurs often enough that some notion, en­closed as a figure, brought forth for a specific occasion and bound to a particular moment, is plucked up by others, bent and stretched, accu­mulates and develops further meanings and applications, and is eventually received so bat­tered and misshapen that we can only wonder what possible use it may have remaining for anyone.

Donigan Cumming: undoing documentary (1984)

The project began when Donigan Cumming asked at the local grocery store if he could ac­company the delivery boys as they delivered their beer and groceries. (In display, the first im­age is usually of the empty storeroom with the sections marked off for inventory.) Together, they arrived at the customer’s home, where the photographer met the occupants and made a proposal: he wished to photograph them and offered, in return, to provide a selection of “technically proficient snapshots” for them to keep.